South African jewellery label Angelheart creates beautiful handmade sterling silver charm jewellery on silk or chain. Each item is made in the spirit of love, joy and miracles.  Angelheart Jewellery speaks to the soul with its inspiring words and messages. The original "trinket with meaning", Angelheart charm jewellery is elegant and dainty, albeit poweful in its subtle symbolism. 

Jewellery designer, Caera O'Shaughnessy lives on the West Coast of South Africa with her daughter Sophie who is her Angelheart mascot.

The unique necklaces are packed onto story cards, uplifting words and quotes are included on the card. The jewellery and inspirational wording go hand in hand and are perfect for sending to loved ones both near and far.

Angelheart supports the Red Cross Children's Hospital by donating proceeds of each sale to the "Children's Hospital Trust".

Hush Little Baby Online Gifts is proud to be an Australian stockist of the beautiful Angelheart Jewellery.