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Welcome to Hush Little Baby Online Gifts, and my first Blog post! What a thrill it is to write this, knowing that in 2 more sleeps it will be live in the big universe of 'the internet'. As a mum of 3 young children myself, I can tell you that starting a business has not been an easy ride. Often I scratch my head, wondering how I believed I had enough spare hours in my week to contemplate this! But here I am, and I would love to share the story of how Hush Little Baby Online Gifts came to be......

Like so many women, I suffered from what was tagged by the local health nurse as Post Natal Depression, with all 3 of my children. However for me, I  didn't think it took on the stereotypical form, there weren't endless weeks of 'for no reason' tears after each baby was born. Rather, it reared its ugly head at around the 8 month mark.

I have been so blessed with all 3 of my babies. They were all healthy, sleeping well, feeding well and reaching milestones. This is what makes late onset PND so confusing, not only for the mother, but for friends and family around her. Everything from the outset looks perfect, and it is, except for one important factor.....

We lose our sense of self! Phrases like 'I am just a mum', 'I'm not good at anything', 'I have nothing important or interesting to talk about', 'I am such a boring person' were coming out of my mouth. So many days, weeks and months are taken up obsessing over your new little bundle of joy that you completely forget to invest any form of time in yourself.

With my first son, getting over this 'hump' as I like to call it now, involved joining a gym and treating myself to a much needed new wardrobe.(Ok, it wasn't that easy! - but allowing myself to do these things seemed to be the turning point)  Don't underestimate the power of exercise! It feels good for so many reasons, besides the obvious health ones. It is an investment in yourself - body, mind and most importantly your sanity! 

For my daughter, I was more aware of the first signs that the hump was arriving. This time, I made conscious effort to put myself out of my comfort zone. I started chatting to other mums at my sons swimming, soccer, and music classes. I said yes to coffee and play dates, rather than retreating back to the comfort of my own lonely home. Suddenly, I didn't feel alone anymore, and these gorgeous people are still my closest friends today.

And then there was Jared, my 3rd (and last) baby. This hump has been the biggest to get over. Accepting that a child is going to be your last, for me, has felt like a grieving process. Accepting that the process of having a child, which gives you the highest of highs, is over is a bitter and difficult pill to swallow. 

But, this is how the Hump turned into Hush...... 4 months ago, when 'it' arrived, I spent endless hours trying to figure out what I needed to feel happy. All my thoughts seemed to be focused towards a career of some sort. I couldn't return to my previous job, as my husband was my boss. Lets just say after getting married and having three children with the man, the last thing I want is for him to be my boss again!! (sorry, babe). I day dreamed about becoming a lactation consultant, perhaps doing property renovations?  I thought about all the great inventions and business ideas I had. But turning them into a reality just felt too hard on my own. And then I heard the voice of reason....'Keep it simple, stupid'. 

What was I experienced in? Sales and Marketing. What was I interested and passionate about? All things baby! (thats what happens when you have 3 kids aged 4 and under!!) What did I need? The flexibility to work in the hours that suited me. 

And so was born.

The pleasure and joy I have experienced choosing each and every item for the store, and creating the Hush Little Baby brand,  has catapulted me over my hump, and into the next stage....and I am so happy to be here and sharing it with you!     

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