'Anarkid' A mothers solution to anarchy.

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When you look up the word anarchy in the dictionary you will find something like this - ’A state of disorder due to non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems’.

Sound familiar? Surely every mother of a child aged 5 and under is nodding their heads?

So when I first heard of the brand ‘Anarkid’, I had to chuckle to myself. What a clever play on words! Instantly I knew this was a brand I wanted to know more about.


Anarkid is the label created by Melbourne, mother-of-2, Kelli Marchewka. With almost 20 years experience as a Graphic Designer, Kelli found herself drawn to all things baby after the birth of her two children. And so, Anarkid was born by combining together her two passions. Living in the world of chaos that is motherhood, Kelli set out to create a line that was about structure, colour, simplicity and communication. And this is what makes the Anarkid brand so very special.

As a mother of 3 myself, there are a few things I look for when buying clothes for babies. Quality, durability, practicality just to name a few (I know, way too sensible!). But, Anarkid manages to tick all these boxes for me. The fabrics are of the highest quality, 100% organic cotton. The designs are stylish and practical. I particularly love the ‘Plus Kimono’ for its ability to remove without having to go over babies head (lets face it, we have all been tempted with using scissors to remove garments after our little bundle of joy has had a not so pleasant nappy leak!). 


To me the range is ‘timeless’. Anarkids simplistic designs, and use of bright unisex colours give mums the ability to re-use the clothing for subsequent children without it ever being out dated. The subtle humour in the ‘Sleep Thief’ tee will be appreciated for years to come I am sure!

I have had the privilege of viewing the Anarkid AW15 range and I can tell you now, if you like the current Anarkid line up, you are going to love what is hitting stores next year. Expect the same excellent quality, geometric design and pops of bright unisex colour, as well as the introduction of a few additional product lines and some gender specific colours.

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